Farming equipment manufacturer Hustler Equipment announced the recent release of a brand-new range of front-end loader attachments; including the long sought-after product CakeBucket LM180 auger bucket, designed for bridging the gap between large-scale feedout wagons and manual feeding.

Capable of holding up to 1.7 yd3, Hustler CakeBucket easily handles a large variety of loose feed such as silage, corn, grain, beef cake, pellets, mineral and more.

A hydraulically driven auger coupled with two agitators allow for continual material flow, preventing bridging. Enabled with TwinFeedTM, it can discharge out to the left-hand or right-hand side of the bucket which increases usability in any feeding situations - troughs, feed bunks/pads, against head-bails, fence lines or just general feeding in the pasture.

This piece of equipment was in great demand by farmers who needed a tool to help them with the rest of their feeding tasks,” says Lance Paskewitz, Business Development Manager for Hustler Equipment North America. “Sheep, beef and dairy producers uses feedout wagons for their herds, but the CakeBucket comes very handy for supplementary feed or as an affordable solution for smaller herds or during calving/weaning time,” continues Paskewitz.

Tactical feeding is only one way to use the Hustler CakeBucket. The machine also provides a solution for operations wanting to feed out grain on the front whilst simultaneously feeding hay or baleage from a bale feeder at the rear of the tractor. “Some farmers who first tested the auger bucket used it in combination with a Hustler trailed bale processor at the back, meaning a complete feed ration is achieved in one single pass!” explains Paskewitz.

Being loader mounted makes it easier for the operator to load the bucket (simply scooping the material up) and see the location of feeding.

The inclusion of two feed doors (one on each side) increases ease of use and accuracy, reducing waste and unnecessary labor. Two optional sets of chute extensions (short or long) are available to extend the standard side distribution reach, recommended when bunk feeding or operating on larger tractors to ensure the loader tractor does not run over the feed.

With its compact design, the Hustler CakeBucket is ideal for feeding in confined or tight feed pad/barn situations.

The CakeBucket is an absolutely awesome solution for many operations and we are thrilled with the amazing feedback we’ve received from producers so far. It saves on diesel, time, labor and resources by not having to outlay the large investment of a mixer wagon,” concludes Paskewitz.

Hustler Equipment now offers a range of versatile and innovative equipment for farmers in all categories – manure scrapers, bale slicers, bale forks, silage grabs, bucket grabs, chain harrows and more are joining the popular Softhands bale handlers and Swifthitch 3pt quick hitches which have forged the brand’s reputation for durability, ingenuity, and ease of use around the world. The full range is available exclusively in North America & Australia.

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