Hustler Equipment raises the bar again with Combi RX² Multi-Feeder wagons (Series 2)

Hustler Equipment, a family-owned manufacturer with a 63-year legacy of innovation in livestock feeding machinery, unveils the Combi RX² multi-feeder wagon (series 2). This groundbreaking iteration builds upon the success of the Combi RX multi-feeder range renowned for its ability to feed any feed type, ease of loading, feeding and visibility now incorporating valuable user feedback since its 2019 launch.

The only livestock feeder in the world that’s tough enough that it can feed out concrete!
The only livestock feeder in the world that’s tough enough that it can feed out concrete!

The Combi RX brought to market a simple and unique pusher design which eliminated high maintenance chains, bars, gearboxes, bearings and constant adjustments of conventional feedout wagons, this was a game changer in the industry for reliability and low maintenance,” said Brent Currie, CEO of Hustler Equipment.

After more than five years of invaluable market feedback from actual users and owners and a commitment to continuous improvement, we’re rapt to be able to build on this benchmark with the release of Combi RX² (series 2) bringing a further leap in reliability, even lower maintenance and we’ve also made it more user-friendly in the process. Whilst many of the improvements appear subtle, they all add up to another significant step forward from its predecessor, an answer to the demands of the market.

Building on the five unique advantages of the original Combi RX:

  1. Unbeatable Versatility - One Machine, Any Feed
  2. Chainless Reliability & Simplicity
  3. Trouble-free Stepless Floor and Load Dividing Design
  4. Compact Design for Unparalleled Manoeuvrability
  5. Unmatched Visibility

The key enhancements are:

  • Wider cross-floor: Mitigates potential crushing and jamming while reducing operator errors, making it ideal for beginners or temporary staff.
  • Improved manoeuvrability: The angled front chassis rails allow for tighter turns without tire-to-chassis contact.
  • Modernised aesthetics: A new plastic bonnet and redesigned antenna enhance visual appeal and protect the FeedLink scale and feed management system.
  • Enhanced reliability:
    • Completely revamped elevator motor retaining system for foolproof operation.
    • Larger pushing rams for handling even heavier loads.
    • Improved spring and sub-frame design on the RX218 for reduced greasing and wear.
    • Collaboration with Ascenso on larger diameter, 20-ply tires for increased load rating and durability.
    • Optimised hose routing for reduced chafing and improved flow.
    • Enhanced tensioner block adjustments, sturdier gearbox mount, and improved critical bearing protection for overall machine robustness.
    • New chain guides on the cross floor for improved tracking and reduced derailing risk.
    • Redesigned pusher blade for simplicity, weight reduction, and increased strength.
  • Optional Trough Feeding Kit: Available for factory fitment, this kit features unique feedbars and a curved elevator for precise feed drop placement, ideal for trough feeding, feedpad, or over-fence scenarios.

The Combi RX² builds upon the groundbreaking foundation of the original Combi RX, furthering Hustler Equipment’s commitment to revolutionising livestock farm efficiency and productivity.

The only livestock feeder in the world that’s tough enough that it can feed out concrete! Watch the new Combi RX² video to see for yourself.

Download photos, brochure and media release [PDF] below.

MEDIA RELEASE - Hustler Equipment - Combi RX² series launched.pdf

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