Hustler Equipment unveils game changing GrappleMax grapple bucket attachment for livestock farmers

Hustler Equipment, a family-owned manufacturing company with 62 years and three generations of expertise in creating innovative livestock feeding machinery, has announced the introduction of the GrappleMax Grapple Bucket, a revolutionary attachment designed to meet the diverse needs of livestock farmers.

With a focus on versatility, strength and safety, Hustler GrappleMax Grapple Bucket is set to redefine the handling, loading and feeding of round or square bales and other commodities on the farm.

Our new GrappleMax, might share a resemblance with other grab designs at first glance, but our innovation team has truly developed a unique game-changer for efficiency handling and loading square and round bales,” said Brent Currie, CEO of Hustler Equipment. “With GrappleMax gone are the days of having to climb onto or above a feedout wagon to remove the bales strings or netting, enabling the operator to cut them from the ground and load without spillage, which is a massive safety factor these days. Not only that but we've prioritized a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and incorporated practical design elements to minimize downtime. ​ This makes GrappleMax an ideal choice for farms who demand excellence in every aspect of their operations.”

The massive 7-feet jaw opening ensures compatibility with a wide range of round and square bales, making it a versatile solution for different materials and object sizes. This feature enhances maneuverability, saving valuable time and effort for the operator.

Designed to handle hay, straw, silage and more, the twin-arm grapple ensures safety when loading a TMR or feedout wagon. Strings can be cut and removed at ground level, eliminating hazardous string-cutting above the wagon.

GrappleMax features fully fabricated grapple arms, a departure from the commonly used RHS, resembling more of an excavator arm design. This construction provides unparalleled strength and clamping power. The triangular shape ensures excellent clearance around bales, minimizing obstacles during the clamping process.

Ingeniously positioned hoses at the bottom and inside the arms prevent snagging, ensuring smooth operation. A robust metal shield safeguards the ram's spear, eliminating the risk of damage.

GrappleMax employs high-grade materials like RockGuard™ 400 (AR400) and RockGuard™ 500 (AR500) wear plates, surpassing industry norms. Exceptional wear resistance ensures an extended lifespan for the machine.

The optional bolt-on, removable teeth made from RockGuard™ 500 (AR500) wear plate provide enhanced grip and the ability to break through tough materials. Ideal for spearing bales or breaking up ice, ensuring maximum strength.

Advanced features include a tapered bucket design for easier material emptying and reduced corner clogging, a quick-release grapple for convenient attachment changes, and a triple-section reinforced bucket design for unparalleled strength and durability.

The robust bonnet grill features a large mesh design, ensuring excellent visibility. Reinforced tines remain secure, guaranteeing reliability during operation. Central vertical hoses with hooks offer safe storage and protection against damage.

Hustler Equipment reaffirms its commitment to providing nothing but the best with the legendary 5-Year No Bull Warranty. For farmers seeking unparalleled performance and durability, the GrappleMax Grapple Buckets are the ultimate choice.


Technical specifications - GrappleMax LX250 grapple bucket

Unit Weight:

580 kg | 1278 lb

Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height):

1454 x 2440 x 1431 mm (720 mm bucket only) | 57.2 x 96 x 56 in (28.3 in bucket only)

Bucket capacity:

1.2 m³ | 1.56 yd³

Full grapple capacity:

2.47 m³ | 3.23 yd³

Grapple tines:

Replaceable 5x RockGuard™ 400 reinforced tines

Jaw opening:

2.13 m | 84 in



Hydraulic required:


MEDIA RELEASE - Hustler Equipment - New GrappleMax grapple bucket

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Hustler Equipment - GrappleMax Brochure

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