Hastings, New Zealand. Hustler Equipment, an 100% Kiwi-owned livestock feeding machinery company based in Hawke’s Bay, has announced the release of a brand-new range of silage wagons, EzFeed.

EzFeed is the most simple, reliable silage wagon on the market designed for farmers who simply cannot afford downtime and rely solely on silage as the supplementary feed of choice. As the name suggests, EzFeed makes feeding silage easier than ever before. As standard only one set of hydraulics is all it takes to connect and power the whole machine and our clever adjustable load-sensing hydraulics takes care of the rest making EzFeed the ideal wagon for new or low-skilled staff.

Since Hustler Equipment’s rebranding in 2019, silage wagons remained the only product range that had not been completely redesigned. This has now been done and there are many new innovations! Among them, three industry-firsts particularly are promising.

  • EzFeed is the first silage wagon on the market to run a 100% roller-chain design.

With EzFeed gone are the days of trouble-some link chains and conveyor belts which require constant adjustment, fine-tuning and are often slipping or breaking disrupting your feeding program. To overcome this, EzFeed embarks twin 12,000 lbs roller-chain and strong box-section bars on the bed floor, the elevator and the feed conveyor. All floor chains are covered which is another industry first, this unique point prevents silage from building up in chains and sprockets thus preventing unnecessary stretch, wear, or derailing!

  • EzFeed switched to durable and replaceable polyethylene hungry boards.

Virtually indestructible, the roto-moulded hungry boards can take a beating from your front-loader without turning to splinters or dinging up your nice new EzFeed silage wagon. Easily replaceable, lighter and more durable than wood, the new hungry board offers a slick finish to the wagon.

  • EzFeed features left- or right-hand feed discharge for more versatility.

TwinFeed with patent pending design can feed out either side of the machine and can slide left or right for additional discharge reach, allowing easy setup when feeding into troughs. Coming soon is an electric in-cab controller option for on-the-fly feed direction change and hydraulic side-shift.

Built utilising Hustler’s proven Combi wagon platform, EzFeed has the toughest axle design on the market, large suspension travel, comes scale ready for FeedLink feed management system which weighs on both the jack/skid and drawbar. The wagon has been designed for efficiency with loads of time-saver features coming standard such as impact resistant puck-board floors, covered drive shafts running on sealed bearings, central greasing station, auto-release removable tailgate, access ladder and more.

Hustler Equipment is taking orders now for 2022 feeding season delivery. Video and full specifications available at

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