New Product Naming Convention Announced by Hustler Equipment

Published 29th January 2020

Have you noticed Hustler have transitioned to a new name and number convention for their award winning range of bale feedersfeed out wagons and bale handlers (Softhands®)? Let us explain how it works!

We work as closely with our customers as possible. Having recently conducted an in depth market research program with our dealers and end users that’s when it came to our attention that it was necessary to simplify our model naming system. We took some cues from the industry and added some logic to our product models. We also rationalised our range to make it easier for you to choose the exact specifications and features you want with your new Hustler.

Hustler’s new numbering name system explained

Our new universal numbering protocol is - Hustler / Product Family Name / [AB] ​ [1][2][3].

For instance, the image above shows the new name of our previous Hustler Chainless X2400 bale feeder.

The product family name is still CHAINLESS followed by a combination of letters and numbers:

L = Application. This model is a Linkage/Loader bale feeder, that you can mount to the back of your tractor (3PTL) or on the front loader, or even on a Telehandler.

X = Our X-Factor top of the range series. This model is top of range and it comes with the most popular options and features as standard equipment.

1 = Bale Capacity. This model can handle 1 bale at a time. 

0 = Spare. This number is here to make the product more readable and offer ​ spare room for potential new intermediate products in the future.

4 = Chamber Size in ft. This model can handle 4″ wide bales (120 cm)

We suggest that you pronounce the name of this model: “Chainless-L-X-One-O-Four”.

Bale Feeders are structured:

  • A (first letter) = Application [T = Trailed, L = Linkage/Loader, S = Stationary]
  • B (second letter) = Feature Level of Equipment [E = Economy, M = Mid tier, X = X-Factor (top of the range series), H = Heavy Duty (Extreme duty series), S = Special edition]
  • 1 (first digit) = Capacity [No. of bales]
  • 2 (second digit) = Spare
  • 3 (third digit) = Bale chamber size [4 = handles 4 foot (1200) wide bales, 5 = handles 5 foot (1500) wide bales]

Note: The Chainless bale feeder family remains named CHAINLESS® and the bale unroller family (previous SL series) is now named UNROLLA®.

Combi Feeders (Feed out Wagons) are structured: ​ ​ ​ ​  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 

  • A (first letter) = Rear moving Floor Type [C = Chain Rear Floor, R = Ram Rear floor (Chainless)]
  • B (second letter) = Feature Level of Equipment [E = Economy, M = Mid tier, X = X-Factor (top of the range series)]
  • 1 (first digit) = Capacity [in m3]
  • 2 (second digit) = Capacity [in m3]
  • 3 (third digit) = Width across floors [6 = handles 6 foot (1800) long bales across the floor, 8 = handles 8 foot (2400) long bales across the floor]

Note: our previous Comby wagons range has been renamed into Combi wagons range.

Here is below an example of the new name of our previous Hustler Super Comby Feedout Wagon:

Softhands® bale handlers are structured:

  • A (first letter) = Application [L = Linkage/Loader]
  • B (second letter) = Feature Level of Equipment [E = Economy, M = Mid tier, X = X-Factor (top of the range series)]
  • 1 (first digit) = Capacity [No. of bales]
  • 2 (second digit) = Spare
  • 3 (third digit) = Spare

If you’re still thinking in old model names (like some of us do here), the below table might come in handy for you: 

While this may take some time for everyone to get used to, we think it will make things simpler in the future. And we’re all about keeping it simple. 

Frankly, we have been Rethinking the Everyday yet again – so you can Achieve More, Every Day. 

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