The Future of Feeding is Here: The Combi RX Multi Feeder Range

Published 21st October 2020

The farming industry never stops moving and evolving. Make sure you’re equipped for tomorrow’s challenges. 

The Hustler Combi RX Multi Feeder Range is the result of more than 43 years of leadership in both the multi feeder market combined with over 59 years of market leadership in bale feeders, summed up in ONE machine. 

Take a look at the Combi Range Product Video:

Let’s have a look at WHY the RX Range is like nothing you’ve seen before and how you can benefit from owning ​ Hustler Combi RX

  1. Round & Square bales of any feed type 
  2. Long & short cut silage of any feed type
  3. Maize or Corn silage and PKE
  4. Root crops, food waste, and much more 

9. No spillage between floors and elevator when feeding on a feedlot or feedpad10. No more labour intensive unblocking, skipping belts or frequent maintenance adjustments. 11. Hydraulic cylinder powered rear pusher door eliminates a full set of rear floor chains, bars, gearboxes, and the maintenance and wear and tear that comes with them. The 2-speed rams are internally ported to eliminate hoses, and maintenance 12. Low loading height and great visibility makes loading a breeze be it bales, silage, or any other product

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About Hustler Equipment

Hustler’s mission is to design and build world-class equipment that rewards customers bottom-line and simplifies everyday life. 

At Hustler, we combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks. We insist on understanding farmers’ needs better than anyone else, investing in our people to create an inspiring team that raises the bar in outstanding service to every single customer.


Hustler is a world class company providing state-of-the-art equipment enabling livestock to thrive in healthier, timely feeding conditions delivering significant reductions in waste, enabling clients to bank greater profits and lead a happier life.


We develop our farm machinery technology based on talking to farmers, listening to their needs and finding their constraints in order to solve the complex of problems while trailing, testing concepts to ensure the equipment performs every situation that it might be required to work in.


At Hustler we’re committed to providing both end users and dealers with simple and easy access to the support team and helpful materials. If there is something you would like help with we want to know about it!


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